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Granddad with grandson on a dark backgro

Therapy At All Stages

“It's about relationships, not 'getting things done.'”

Teepa Snow

Family Visit

Welcome to Life Stages, we're glad you stopped by!

What We Do

Our goal is to provide mental health therapy to patients with empathy and care to help them with whatever struggles they may face. Utilizing relationship building techniques, we aim to achieve goals that are set by the patient. We excel at thoughtfulness and attentiveness to emotional, social, and systemic needs. Additionally, we work with family members and loved ones to provide support and education about the difficulties and changes that their loved ones may face.

We want to break down the stigma of mental health issues and promote the idea that we could all benefit from help at any life stage. 

Who We Treat

We work with patients at all life stages, but specialize in working with adolescents and seniors who are facing difficult moments in life.

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