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Services Offered

Mental health is important at all stages of life, and we strive to help you maintain that health. We treat symptoms such as depression, grief, anxiety, adjustment, and memory loss. Sessions occur once or twice a week depending on need.

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Relation-Based Therapy

We believe in building relationships to begin the process of change. We build connections to empathize and better understand whatever struggles you may be facing, and then work together to find a solution. We seek to support you by being genuine and present during hard times and transitions.


Cognitive Remediation

We utilize a cognitive training plan tailored to your needs to help stabilize/improve memory functioning. We provide dementia education for patients and family to help promote brain health. For those suffering from mild to moderate memory loss, we utilize exercises and build on daily life skills to help you stay cognitively fit. For those diagnosed with advanced dementia we take care and empathy to maintain skills and promote well-being and comfort.


Support Groups

Utilizing the healing power of the group and shared experiences, we work with residents and families to create spaces to share stories and help one another. We lead and offer the tools to start grief support groups and any other appropriate group at your retirement community. Additionally, we offer family/loved ones support groups.

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Family/Loved One Support

Caring for your loved one can be challenging, on top of managing your own needs. While we are there for your loved one, we want to be there for you as well to offer personal guidance and support. We stay in regular contact to offer updates as requested.

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