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I consider Adam to be an essential part of my father's care team. He helped dad handle intense sadness after the passing of his beloved wife, my mom. He also keeps me in the loop on the progression of his brain disease, and helps me to handle challenges that come in the best way possible.

Our family is faced with some difficult challenges, and Adam has always gone above and beyond to support my dad and I through those challenges.  It helps for my dad to have someone else to talk to about his behaviors outside our family.  In addition to the behavioral support, Adam is proactive in providing suggestions to improve my dad's quality of living.

Adam has been working with my husband for over a year. I have found him to be very patient and caring and would recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

Adam was always very kind and patient with my mom. He was very accommodating  to her schedule. He always made her feel comfortable when working with her. My mom liked Adam very much and looked forward to the sessions.

I was very interested in checking out my memory. I had a very positive experience with Adam, and I would recommend him to anyone who would need help. I feel like Adam helped me to improve by the end of our time together.

Feedback From Patients

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